Our Mission is Simplifying eCommerce
Deliver Premium eCommerce Solution to Improve LIVES

At Shopcrat, we believe the eCommerce industry desperately needs reinvention. Shopcrat’s mission is to fix existing eCommerce problems by making a robust, creative and user-friendly premium eCommerce SAAS solution that any retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, distributor, supplier, service providers and entrepreneurs can easily use to start next generation online store, manage store efficiently and grow business with full confidence.

We are using modern technology to re-imagine and re-build core components of eCommerce from the ground up. We're ultimately focusing on improving the lives of everyday consumers with less complex, more professional and user-friendly eCommerce Stores.

Our Values, Our Philosophy


Our mission is to improve lives through better eCommerce products. We are totally comitted on doing our best of best and always stay focused on simplifying eCommerce. We refuse to waste time doing anything less.


We practice complete honesty with our products, prices, and purposes. We are honest both with our customers and ourselves. When we do well, we celebrate our successes, and when we fall short, we admit it without hesitation, and we improve.


We deliver a great product to our customers, and work to build a great company for ourselves and for our investors. We will be the best at what we pursue, and pursue it relentlessly. As we achieve our goals, we raise the bar higher.


We welcome intelligent risk-taking. We reward those who push us out of our comfort zone in pursuit of our mission. We believe in priotising user-experinece and always keep innovating it to next level.


We treat our users and each other with respect. When we commit, or acquire our customers' commitment, we set clear expectations. We also make ourself responsible for bringing technology to support Go GREEN an Go BLUE initiative.


We always listen to the voice of our customers and keep our mind always open to hear their concerns and troubles, we take all of their suggestions and recommendations seriously, and dedicate ourself to provide approprite solutions.

Trusted Team By Over 10,000 eCommerce Store Owners Worldwide